Hosts introduction to Michael Borthwick

Michael has 18 years of video compression, editing and consulting experience on design of video systems, standards, production workflows and delivery architectures. He was the author of the streaming strategy for the Australian Centre of the Moving Image in Melbourne and author of an MPEG-4 evaluation study for the Learning Federation. He has run digital video workshops around Australia, in New Zealand and in the United States and has expertise that runs from LaserDisc through to streaming for iOS and Android. So that's a pretty wide timespan. And Michael says he gets called upon frequently to design and troubleshoot wherever video and IT systems intersect. Which I think plays very nicely to the theme of our Over-the-Top [OTT] session here today. So Michael the stage is yours.

Introductory anecdote

Now unlike Bill I haven't come from overseas. But I did come up from Melbourne yesterday on the daylight train which left promptly at 8:30 in the morning and by the time we reached my home town of Benalla some 200 Km's to the north we were already half-an-hour behind schedule due to the crumbling infrastructure in Victoria. Once we crossed over into New South Wales - by the time we were at Yass Junction - we'd already made up all that time and the train staff didn't miss an opportunity to remind us of that fact ... over the P.A. ... on a number of occasions.

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