Museum Vistor Capacitive Touch Switch Control of Closed Captions on a Raspberry Pi
Concept Demo 1 - Toggle On/Off

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Excerpt from the documentary 'Girl in a Mirror: A Portrait of Carol Jerrems'
by Kathy Drayton, used with permission.

Attendees at the upcoming National Digital Forum pre-conference workshop in New Zealand in October will learn how to create a multilingual version that supports touch switch selection of English and Te Reo closed captions/subtitles with on-the-fly switching between the two languages.

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A video of my talk at SMPTE about closed captioning of streaming OTT on-demand video.
The video itself includes WebVTT format closed captions for the Deaf or hearing impaired (hard of hearing).

Use of Raspberry Pi's in embedded museum video player applications is aided by the use of a read only file system.